NEVER BEFORE helps journalists research quickly and comprehensively by connecting them with certified experts on specific topics and sources while supporting both in their communication.



When we consider how knowledge is transferred in our world, everything begins with a realization. This information is then passed on to the recipient via a multiplier. In general terms, this can be broken down to journalism in the following way:



End consumer

If there are problems with research and communication between experts and journalists, the end user cannot be informed to the best possible extent. We have identified these problems through thorough research based on years of experience. With this knowledge, we are developing a state-of-the-art solution around our stakeholders to enable a new kind of journalism.


Humanity is facing enormous challenges. In order to be able to master them, it is of utmost importance to make the right decisions for our future - together.

Among other factors, the available knowledge and its understanding play a key role in decision-making processes. In modern society, we are all participants in such processes, which is why the common level of knowledge is of enormous importance. is the next-gen social research network for journalists and experts. Our goal is to enable anyone of us to make better decisions by providing a high standard of information quality.



The journalistic market is in crisis. This makes it difficult to meet the high demands of thorough research in day-to-day business. We help you make comprehensive research work fast, easy and safe. We offer you:
  • systematic expert topic matching
  • trend and source analysis
  • automatic updates on topics
  • collaborative research


We understand that science communication is not particularly central to the metrics of a research career. That's why we want to help you to answer important questions as comfortable and rewarding as possible. With, you:
  • find the right addressee for your expertise
  • are rewarded for your communication
  • are helped with researching answers
  • advise collaboratively


WHO WE ARE is a mission-driven startup from Germany. Our team and advisors consist of journalists, (data) scientists and tech entrepreneurs who joined forces to solve problems we repeatedly came across our professional careers.


Our philosophy is that our solution should be open in parts and be co-designed by the community, so that we can guarantee unprecedented transparency and the best possible problem solving.

Anyone is free to join and always will be. You can not only participate in the development but also gain rewards for your contribution.


If you want to participate in improving the information quality for us all, we would love to welcome you to our community on Discord: On Discord